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Lessons & Training

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Foxtrot Farms specializes in hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage and eventing.  Beginner through advanced lessons are offered for children and adults.  A conservative approach is taken with beginners. Lessons focus on strength, balance and position while mastering each new skill. Advanced riders will focus on the important details necessary for improving performance and mastering the technical ride.  

While training the horse, Foxtrot farms starts with teaching impeccable ground manners, proper lunging, desensitization in the arena and on the trail, and balanced W/T/C under saddle. Once a horse has these important initial elements mastered, jumping can be introduced.

Rates for FF Services

  • 45-min Private Lessons - $50

  • 1-hour Semi-Private Lessons - $45

  • Group Lessons - $40

  • Training Rides - $55

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